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SynapCell is a preclinical Contract Research Organization which provides translational solutions to evaluate the therapeutic potential of CNS drug candidates in epilepsy. SynapCell provides customized solutions which cover the entire range of customers needs, from early steps to the final answer.



In-vivo solutions

SynapCell assesses the effects of your drug candidates through predictive animal models of epilepsy, protocols mimicking clinical trials and quantitative results using EEG.

synapcell in-vivo solutions

In-vitro solutions

We define the activity profile of your drug candidates on neuronal networks through integrated models on acute / organotypic brain slices, with various experimental conditions and multisite recording using MEA

synapcell  R&D programs and CNS drug development

Customized R&D programs

SynapCell helps you to improve and accelerate your R&D programs and CNS drug development.

What's new

SynapCell to screen for novel treatments for pharmacoresistant epilepsies

Grenoble (France) and Salt Lake City, Utah (USA), January 29th, 2014 –

The University of Utah awards a subcontract to SynapCell to expand anti-seizure drug screening and testing capabilities in animal models of therapy-resistant epilepsy

The University of Utah has awarded a one-year subcontract to SynapCell under the Anticonvulsant Screening Program (ASP) contract sponsored by the NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). This subcontract will supplement the existing University of Utah program to test promising anti-seizure drug candidates in a mouse model of therapy-resistant mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE).

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