Welcome to SynapCell

SynapCell is a biotechnology company providing the CNS drug manufacturing industry with translational drug discovery solutions to reveal the therapeutic potential of their molecules targeting CNS disorders.



Epilepsy solutions

Since 2005 SynapCell has been assessing the efficacy of your drug candidates for epilepsy using surface and deep EEG recording. We use a translational approach combining relevant animal models of different types of epilepsy, protocols performed in clinical conditions, and quantitative results to reveal brain dysfunction and epileptic seizures.


Solutions for other CNS disorders

With a translational approach combining relevant animal models of CNS disorders, protocols performed in clinical conditions and EEG-related technologies to reveal brain activities, SynapCell assesses the effects of your drug candidates in the treatment of CNS disorders with unmet needs.


EEG phenotyping of rodent models

Develop your personalized drug discovery tool using SynapCell’s expertise in the EEG phenotyping of rodent models to improve your insights into the relevance of your therapeutic targets in CNS disorders.

What's new

Meet SynapCell in May at AED Trials XIII -Miami- and ADD Symposium -Park City-
AED Trials 13–15 May, ADD Symposium 17–20 May

Two major congresses for epilepsy drug discovery are taking place this May in the USA, and of course we will be there!
First will be held the AED Trials XIII Conference in Miami on May 13 to 15, followed from May 17 to 20 by the ADD symposium in Park city, Utah.

The need of novel therapies for patient is very strong in the epilepsy community. These two events will try to bring inputs, each focusing on different issues.
AED Trials XIII will re-evaluate strategies related to antiepileptic drug (AED) development, from preclinical discoveries through clinical evaluations, to ensure continued advancement, as there is always the opportunity to learn from the past to improve the future. www.aedtrials.com
ADD Symposium’s goal is to explore how innovative breakthroughs in basic science can be leveraged by public, federal, and private partnerships to rapidly develop new treatments for the patient with epilepsy. ADD symposium wishes to facilitate new knowledge, new collaborations, and new insight into state of the art of therapy development. www.addsymposium.com

SynapCell will be attending both meeting, presenting talks about our new solutions for epilepsy drug discovery. We are excited to meet you there!