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*for a 12 compounds epilepsy screening on n=4 MTLE mice


Monitoring the Pharmacodynamic effect of your compound in vivo

  • Electroencephalographic (EEG) and Local Field Potentials (LFP) recordings of brain activity changes.
  • Telemetric or tethered activity recordings in vivo, exclusively in freely-moving rodents (Rats and mice).
  • Surface (cortical) or depth electrodes implantation.
  • Any brain structure at reach.

Objective and robust readouts

Data generated by our EEG platform feature dedicated expert analysis and personalized reporting.

  • Resting state EEG (RS oscillatory activities)
  • Evoked oscillatory activities, Event related EEG Biomarkers (ASSR, ERP, evoked power
  • Pharmaco-induced oscillatory activities and models.
  • Simultaneous multisite recordings.
  • Multisite coherence
  • Inter-trial coherence (ITC)
  • Spectral analysis and recommendations
  • Power changes
  • Phase-Amplitude Coupling
  • Sleep trend analysis on demand
  • Video monitoring on demand
  • Abnormal Involuntary Movements (AIM) scoring in LID context
  • Model Phenotyping
  • EEG Biomarker identification

Bridging the Preclinical to Clinical gap

  • Clinical-like protocols, blinded, crossover designs.
  • Acute or chronic paradigms.
  • Longitudinal studies.
  • Customizable protocols including number of animals per group or pharmacological exposure.
  •  Pharmaco-EEG profiling of a compound to determine its effects on resting EEG activities or on evoked or drug-induced EEG activities.
  • Blood/plasma sampling and shipping.

or Customized services.

Dose Optomizing

Which dose of your compound is the most effective, and when is the peak effect? 

Dose-response protocols can be carried out longitudinally, in vivo, in a dynamic fashion.

Chronic or acute paradigms possible as well as reversion challenges. 

Lead Validation and Selection

Select then Validate your most effective drug compounds after a screening protocol.

Candidates with best potential in lowering pathological EEG signatures (biomarkers) will be selected to go through dose-response protocols, then optimal dose identified.

Biomarker testing

EEG Biomarkers offer high translation power, are robust and objective.

Let's find together the new EEG Biomarker in the model of your choice and mark your footprint in the history of Science?


Select compounds with best therapeutic potential using the power of translational EEG Biomarkers.

Our EEG screening is affordable, fast (4 weeks) and customizable.

Results clear the way for deeper characterization of the potential of drugs selected.

Head-to-Head comparison

How does your drug compare?

​Assess the best possible combination of different drugs (adjunctive therapies), demonstrate a superior effect and evaluate how your drug stands compared to reference drugs currently on the market.

Pharmacodynamic Profiling

Get further insight into pharmacological action and PK of your compound.

Characterize drug effect over time, longitudinally and demonstrate the (ir)reversibility, duration of effect or physiological turn-over of the target.

Model Phenotyping

Discover EEG biomarkers from translational models.

Our in vivo EEG platform (Cue®) offers EEG, qEEG, ERP, ASSR phenotyping to identify EEG signatures of the disease or pharmacological pathway you are working on.

Evoked Potentials

Integration and processing of sensory information is altered in several neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Auditory evoked potentials (AERP) and auditory steady state response (ASSR) can be used to assess the effect of drugs on cognitive function in vivo.

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