We are committed to providing you with uncompromising and unmatched service to help you identify and qualify the therapeutic potential of your molecules. Calling on us is simply the best way to give your molecules the impact they deserve.

You will make decisions
with confidence and assurance

As a tried and true method, ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG) provides clear and robust data, allowing you to make decisions based on objective criteria. Associated with our know-how, specialization and proprietary signal processing, we developped Cue®, your ultimate decision-making asset for your preclinical drug discovery programs.

You will broaden
your perception of diseases

Cue® makes subclinical processes underlying the prodromal phases of a disease observable and measurable over time. You will be able to compare the parameters for the same animal before and after a disease becomes symptomatic, revealing the changes to the biomarkers that reflect its pathogenesis.

By providing information related to the early phases of diseases, EEG can be used as part of the efficient development of neuroprotective therapies.

You will create
your own support program for drug development

We develop solutions made for and with you. Our scientific staff designs with you a personalized solution that matches your needs the best. Our core programs include Epilepsy, Cognitive, and Movement disorders, with key programs open for collaboration.

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With over a decade of experience and specialization in CNS disorders, we provide you with relevant advices to select the design, plan, or protocol that fits your strategy. We drive your project from A to Z. We pay a particular attention at every important milestone of the study course to meet deadlines and deliver your report on time.