Stong Biomarker for Parkinson’s Disease

High frequencies bands (Gamma) recorded in the motor cortex are strongly related to prokinetic activities.
GammaPark correlates to dyskinetic state in both patients and 6-OHDA rat model and can be used as a powerful biomarker to assess antikinetic and/or prokinetic effects of a compound in development.

  • Pharmacosensitive
  • Expressed in PD patients treated by L-DOPA (levodopa)
  • Objective, non tremor related
  • Exclusively revealed by Cue® and EEG

dyskinesia (LID)

Chronic L-DOPA treated patients show a specific increase in the Gamma frequencies while dyskinesia start to appear again (often reffered to as the end of the Honey moon).

  • Metabolized into Dopamine, Levodopa (L-DOPA) is to date the gold strandard for treating PD patients.
  • Chronic L-DOPA exposure generates several side-effects such as motor complications (L-DOPA Induced Dyskinesia or LID).
  • L-DOPA treatment stops BetaPark™ transiently but enhances GammaPark™ at the same time.

Compare. Conclude.
​GammaPark™ is Pharmacosensitive

  • GammaPark™ is enhanced by administration of dopamine agonists.
  • Chronic expression of GammaPark™ mirrors patient LID condition.
  • Targeting GammaPark™ is a solid strategy to objectively assess your compound efficacy on LID.
  • GammaPark™ modulation can be used to compare different drugs effects over time.

Time course of GammaPark™ activity when modulated by different dopamine agonists.​

  • This Time-frequency map shows how GammaPark™ is enhanced by an acute administration of a dopamine agonist in the 6-OHDA Rat.
  • GammaPark™ remains stable over a time period of 4 hour post injection.
  • The intensity of GammaPark™ directly correlates with an increase of LID.

The right dose of Amantadine lowers GammaPark™ while stopping BetaPark at the same time.

Choosing SynapCell
for your Parkinson’s Programs

Applications: Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, essential tremor, dyskinesia

Markers: beta and gamma oscillations, Multisite coherence

Models: 6-OHDA lesioned rats or contact us

Programs: Lead selection (screening of small libraries of compounds), lead validation (dose-response effect, pharmacokinetic), disease modifying therapeutic potential, rodent model phenotyping