SynapCell has a unique know-how in developping the MTLE mouse, and maintaining its performances in mirroring Human focal epilepsies. The model shows spontaneus and recurrent Hippocampal Paroxysmal Discharges (HPD), oscillatory bursts that we monitor to evaluate anti-epileptic drugs effects. As it’s non-convulsive, none of the readouts are based on behavior analysis.

Applications: Focal (drug resistant) Epilepsies, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Alzheimer’s disease

Markers: Spikes, Hippocampal Paroxysmal Discharges (HPD)

Models: MTLE mouse (model for mesiotemporal lobe epilepsy with differential pharmacology)

Programs: Lead selection (screening of small libraries of compounds), lead validation (dose-response effect, pharmacokinetic), disease modifying therapeutic potential, antiepileptogenic effect, rodent model phenotyping, derisking (pro-epileptic effect)