SynapCell Worldwide exclusive licence, the GAERS rat offers several advantages for Epilepsy drug discovery. This model is particularly well-suited for testing drugs on generalized epilepsies, which is a mandatory step for drug development programs in epilepsy. Extremely sensitive, the GAERS shows non-convulsive, spontaneous, recurrent epileptic discharges (Spike and wave Discharges or SWD) that can be used beyond the scope of epilepsy to detect potential pro-epileptic effect of any drug.

Applications: Epilepsies, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Alzheimer’s disease

Markers: Spikes, Spike and wave discharge (SWD)

Programs: Lead selection (screening of small libraries of compounds), lead validation (dose-response effect, pharmacokinetic), disease modifying therapeutic potential, antiepileptogenic effect, rodent model phenotyping, derisking (pro-epileptic effect)