SynapCell mandated by UCB to enhance its epilepsy drug discovery program
France | 2nd December 2014

Synapcell to assess the potential of UCB’s candidate molecules in the field of epilepsy. The two-year agreement will take advantage of SynapCell’s MTLE (mesial temporal lobe epilepsy) mouse solutions.

More than 65 million people world-wide are affected by epilepsy (WHO). Full drug development is time-consuming, complicated and costly, making it a major advantage to be able to select the one compound to be taken to the market as early as possible from a range of thousands of substances. SynapCell’s ten-year experience in this field and its unique solution combining translational in vivo models of epilepsy with EEG to record and quantify subclinical seizures, has made it a key player in this field.

UCB is committed to discovering and developing new therapies to improve patient care. UCB aims to use SynapCell’s expertise to expand its innovative discovery platform in epilepsy and rapidly obtain preclinical proof-of-concept data for selected molecules that can be then prioritized for future development. As part of this aim, UCB and SynapCell announce today their partnership