Modified electrical activity in neuronal networks is symptomatic of a wide range of CNS disorders. SynapCell’s team has expertise in identifying and deciphering these signals, providing your drug discovery programs with unparalleled accuracy, seamless human-rodent translation, robust statistics and personnalized support and advice.

Neuronal networks activity is measured by recording local field potentials (LFP). We register different forms of electrical activities, using appropriate EEG-based recording and processing techniques. This enables to extract disease-specific oscillatory signatures (EEG biomarkers) that are used to assess your compound effect with best-in-class personnalized pharmacodynamic assays.

Introducing Cue
Your asset for Making clear and better-informed decisions.

Your Decision-making asset

Since 2005 we have been developing Cue®, our proprietary technology that’s designed to predict in-human efficacy of a lead candidate at the preclinical step. EEG-based and patient inspired, Cue® is the smart combination of a team with specific skillsets in Neuroscience, translational rodent models, high-end recording techniques and proprietary signal processing. All experiments are exclusively performed in vivo, on freely-moving rodent models.

To your specific question, Cue® offers a series of pharmacodynamic assays for:

  • Lead selection (screening of small libraries of compounds)
  • Lead validation (dose-response effect, pharmacokinetics)
  • Disease-Modifying potential
  • Anti-epileptogenic effect
  • Model phenotyping
  • De-risking (pro-epileptic effect)
  • Dose optimizing and much more…

Having Dormant EEG Data on your servers?
What if you had a treasure that’s hidden down there?
Cue® can run any of your past EEG recordings to deliver precise outcomes in a full comprehensive report so you can benefit from our expertise in analysis and pharmacology understanding.