With SynapCell’s unique expertise and solid background, you will be able to translate preclinical results into predictive clinical validation.

A bedside
to bench strategy

Our strategy to reveal the potential of your drug candidates for CNS disorders at an early stage is based on clinically relevant observational endpoints. Our experts identify cross-species EEG-based biomarkers which are useful for drug discovery, taking advantage of the brain’s evolutionarily conserved electrical functions.

Objective EEG-based
measurement of lead efficacy

At SynapCell, we use tried and true EEG and related technologies to objectively, precisely and repeatably measure neural activity. We truly believe that EEG is the best tool to gain a deeper insight into the pharmacological efficacy of new CNS drug candidates.


EEG is one part of the overall approach we have developed to answer the most critical aspect of current studies: the need for results with a high statistical power. At SynapCell, we reveal the highest level of significance, because you need to have confidence in, and feel sure about your molecules.

Ability to monitor activity
at subclinical thresholds

SynapCell’s methods of monitoring rodent brain acitivity can provide information on subclinical thresholds, allowing scientists to study the prodromal phase of diseases. Our services make it possible for you to consider early diagnostic and neuroprotective strategies, by giving you significant information about what were, until now, unobservable disease processes.


Our translational approach connects preclinical and clinical development phases. Reflecting clinical protocols in how we perform drug discovery, and taking care to select the most appropriate animal model, the biomarkers we identify and qualify for you allow you to monitor the impact of your molecule through the different clinical phases.