Agile management enabled us to center the heart of our business on your satisfaction. Our approach provides you with greater transparency and flexibility, while also empowering our production team.

At SynapCell we have combined two methods to achieve this goal: the Kanban method – a very effective tool to run projects as a whole, while promoting constant improvement – and the Scrum framework, which answers our production team’s need to self-organize and take on responsibilities.

Marketing ManagerHedi Gharbi, MSc

I found in SynapCell a perfect way to mix my passion for Neurosciences with creativity in a stimulating high-tech environment.
Perfect combination between rocket science, disruptive technologies and fun at work, SynapCell is a game changer for preclinical Drug Discovery.


I always keep our ultimate goal in mind: to improve human health in general and life for patients in particular. I face this challenge every day, and I share it with our clients.


I have a passion for Science and creative Healthcare innovations. Thanks to this attitude, I lead teams of scientists using agile management methods, with the aim of producing breakthroughs in drug discovery.

Venceslas DUVEAU, PhDPrincipal Scientist

As principal scientist, for our customers' and for internal R&D projects, my job is to stay at the cutting edge of Neuroscience research. This represents a constant challenge, which I find very exciting.

Céline RUGGIERO, PhDTeam manager

Being responsible for a team and a project has always been one of my main career objectives, and has motivated my choices. SynapCell is a human oriented company, which gives me the chance to interest myself in each individual employee's professional progression.

Renaud MAURYAssistant Engineer

In my daily life as assistant engineer, I spend a lot of time with rodents. It is evident for me to feel concerned by animal welfare and ethical treatment, that is why I decided to get involved in the matter for the company.

Tiphaine BAYONFinance and Administrative Manager