Today, patients with CNS diseases face real challenges. No curative therapeutic treatment exists and CNS drug discovery no longer appears to effectively meeting this need.

We have to think outside the box. For us, the only way to move forward in CNS drug discovery is to “crack” the brain, by directly measuring its [dys]functions as soon as they appear. That is what we do at SynapCell.

These objective measures, with which we have identified relevant biomarkers, allow us to offer you an efficient and safe Drug Discovery process. We can help you select the most effective lead right from the earliest phase, avoiding time-consuming and costly trials.

You no longer need to guess, with us you will know! We are convinced that our solutions are the best for identifying active molecules for use by patients. In the interests of the patients and their families, let’s not waste any more time.

Corinne Roucard, CEO, and Yann Roche, COO.