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Grenoble, France, is often referred to as the French Silicon Valley. This place has seen a bunch of innovations coming to life from its top-level labs in the field of Medical Technologies, Diagnostics, Nanotechnologies, Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences and Neuroscience. 

This is where we created SynapCell in 2005.  We strive to deliver excellent science, always questionning our findings to innovate and advance our understanding of brain function.

Studying brain electrical activity is what makes our approach unique. As an innovative preclinical CNS CRO, we are unlocking the true potential of your drug candidates in vivo, at the preclinical step.

our purpose?

Patients with Brain diseases have no satisfactory therapeutic treatment yet available to improve their lives.

Most failures occur way too late (Phase II), most of the time because drug candidates aren’t effective enough to get a green light.

Looking for translational preclinical EEG services to make better-informed decisions ?

Our translational efficacy assays quantify your drug effect within the brain with the help of disease-specific & objective EEG biomarkers.

It becomes now possible to predict your compound’s in-human efficacy as early as at the preclinical step with clinically-relevant models of Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, or cognitive impairment, avoiding further time-consuming and costly trials.

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Study Design

Proud to propose non-off-the-shelf partnerships with you. Because each of your projects is unique, every successful collaboration starts with a one-to-one discussion. Together, we exchange about your needs, time and resource constraints to build and fine-tune the best study design for you.

We decided not to propose endless service listings but rather focused, precise and fully-controlled testing capabilities for Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and Cognitive function.


We are not just a CRO among others.

Running our own R&D activity, we strive to discover new translational EEG biomarkers of brain diseases.

Read some testimonials to learn how it is to partner with us !

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